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karnafuly express, karnaphuli express, karnaphuli express ticket



MV Karnafuly Express: A luxurious ship made in Bangladesh

MV Karnafuly Express is one of the most luxurious cruise ships operating in the waterways of Bangladesh. MV Karnafuly Express also spelled as Karnafuli or Karnaphuli express sails regularly between Cox’s Bazar and St Martin’s, the most popular and desired tour destination of Bangladesh. MV Karnafuly Express offers a hassle free and adventurous journey to tourists travelling to St Martins. This luxurious ship was launched by Karnafuly Ship Builders Ltd. It is a popular shipbuilding company in Bangladesh that has constructed over 600 ocean-going and inland vessels since 1994. With MV Karnafuly Express another star has been added to your tourism industry.

MV Karnafuly Express Cruise Ship leaves from T North Nuniachhara (Airport Road) BIWTA Ghat at Cox’s Bazar regularly. Behind Cox’s Bazar Airport, the ship will sail from Nuniachhara BIWTA Ghat to the Bay of Bengal via the North Bankkhali River. It reaches St. Matins by cruising parallel to marine drive.

MV Karnafuly Express is a luxurious mid-sized ocean going fully air conditioned cruise vessel equipped with all kind of sumptuous amenities starting from luxurious rooms, diverse seating arrangements with rooftop party space, restaurant, space for corporate programs and all kind of safety measures to ensure 600 plus passenger’s cozy stay at this ship. The 4-story luxury ship has three decks and 17 luxury rooms/cabins. The vessel can carry 510 plus passengers at a time. The 100 crew of the vessel are always on alert for passenger and ship services. The ship can travel at a speed of about 12 nautical miles per hour and takes around 5 hours to reach St Martins from Cox’s Bazar.

One of the main features of MV Karnafuly Express is its elegant interior setup. We would not be fair to compare it with the super sized luxurious cruise ships, but in a compact way it will give you a pleasant experience. It is equipped advanced and modern navigation systems there are GPS, echo-sounder, radar, compass. MV Karnafuly Express is also adequately equipped with safety systems including fire extinguishing system, life-saving Equipment, life jackets, life rafts, life buoys alongside emergency life- saving boats. Overall MV Karnafuly Express has set a new trend in waterway tourism in Bangladesh.