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A Grand Sea Adventure Within Your Reach

Tekhnaf and St Matins is the most desired tour destination of Bangladesh. Almost everyone has fascination about sea and sailing. St Martin’s is one of very few destinations in Bangladesh were we have to sail through the Bay of Bengal. For long time the closest we could get to a sea cruise is in movies or travel shows. Only rick people could afford luxurious sea cruise services available in foreign countries. So for common people sea cruise has always been a dream. And that dream came true when MV Karnafuli Express was introduced in the route from between Tekhnaf and st. martins.

MV Karnafuly Express is a luxurious mid-sized ocean going fully air conditioned cruise vessel equipped with all kind of sumptuous amenities starting from luxurious rooms, diverse seating arrangements with rooftop party space, restaurant, space for corporate programs and all kind of safety measures to ensure 600 plus passenger’s cozy stay at this ship. MV Karnafuly Express also spelled as karnaphuli express is a leading ship service in Bangladesh that operates between Tekhnaf and St Martins. Through the introduction of the Karnafuly express, the country's sea tourism industry has acquired a new dimension. The ship sails from Nuniachhara BIWTC Ghat to the Bay of Bengal via the North Bankkhali River.

When it comes to transportation to St. Martins from other locations of Bangladesh until recently the only way to get to Teknaf was by bus and take the available commercial ships or fishing boat from teknaf to St Martin’s. Travelers have to go through a lot of hassle going to St Martin’s and returning back safely. MV Karnafuly Express has given travelers the opportunity to travel directly from Tekhnaf to St Martin’s faster without any hassle in a luxurious sea cruise. And the good thing is it’s totally affordable for most.

One of the main reasons to choose MV Karnafuly Express is its hassle free journey on time. Booking ticket is super easy and the ship is good reputation be on time, although the time may shift due to weather and tide. Another feature of this ship is its luxurious setup. The 4-story luxury ship has three decks and 17 luxury rooms/cabins. The vessel can carry 510 passengers at a time. The ship can travel at a speed of about 12 nautical miles per hour. It starts at a convenient time at 7am and takes around 5 hours to reach St Martins from Tekhnaf.

As mentioned before sea cruise always fascinates travelers. There is nothing like a view of the ocean from open ship deck. MV Karnafuly Express cruises through the blue water of Bay of Bengal parallel to Marin drive. In one side of the ship you could see the green hills and sandy long beach and in the other side you can enjoy blue waves, rolling fishing boats and seagulls. This is like a million dollar view for sea lovers and MV Karnafuly Express should be your number one choice to travel to St Martin just for this.

And if you are thinking about the budget, MV Karnafuly Express offers a grand luxurious experience at an affordable price. It has a variety of range of seats within the reach of most travelers. The classes includes marigold (echonomy seats located on 1st floor) at 3000Tk return trip and 1600Tk single trip per person, Lavender (same as marigold located on 2nd floor) at 3000Tk return trip and 1600Tk single trip per person, Gladiolus (premium seats located on 2nd floor)at 4000Tk return trip and 2100Tk single trip per person, Liliac lounge (premium seats) at 4000Tk return trip and 2100Tk single trip per person, Chrysanthemum Lounge (VIP lounge) at 4500Tk return trip and 2300Tk single trip per person, Single cabin at 7500Tk return trip and 4000Tk single trip per person, Twin cabin at 12000Tk return trip and 6500Tk single trip for two person, VIP cabin at 18000Tk return trip and 10000Tk single trip for two person, VVIP cabin at 22000Tk return trip and 12900Tk single trip for two person.

Finally you will be wondering how to book your ticket for MV Karnafuly Express. Booking your ticket for karnafuly express is super easy. Select your plan and call or chat with our customer service agents and confirm your booking and make payment online. You can also just simply submit a booking request from our website with your valid mobile number. MV karnafuly express agents will call you soon to confirm your ticket. Your ticket will be send to your address by courier. Or you may also collect tickets directly from their office.